About Us

Drawing on nearly 23 years previous experience in the tourism industry, Yumico was established as a local family business in 1996 with the boom in tourist arrivals to Bali. At first we were primarily stationary suppliers to hotels. After 7 years, we had expanded our business to reach almost all the hotels and restaurants in the south-eastern region of Bali. But tragedy struck in 2002 when the terrorist bombs exploded in Legian. This had a terrible effect on Bali's tourism industry, which suffered badly. We knew that with a decline in tourist visits to Bali there would certainly be a fall in demand for our products and stronger competition for orders among suppliers. We came to realize during these times that our business depended almost entirely on the condition of the tourist industry.

As such, we sought to find the best solution to overcome the difficult situation that came about after the tragedy of the bombings to ensure that Yumico survived. We began to explore how we could broaden our market to supply products to customers that were not directly related to the tourism industry. After a market analysis, we decided to develop a range of food packaging and retail products to sell to supermarkets, mini-markets, caterers, hospitals, plastics retailers, bakeries, agro-businesses, fisheries, restaurants, hotels, small shops and home businesses in the local community. Over a short period of time, our business has grown rapidly, and we now supply a complete range of quality food packaging and retail products to diverse customers throughout Bali.

If you would like to know more about our range of products, please visit our Products page, or please call or email one of our friendly staff for assistance.

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